Ascent Introduces Intelligence-as-a-Service

What is Intelligence as a Service? Intelligence-as-a-Service (“IntaaS”) is the combination of automated domain expertise with traditional internet software. Imagine if your CRM came pre-filled with customer information, your taxes were pre-loaded and completed in your tax software, or your digital compliance system was pre-filled with all your data: this is the promise of IntaaS. Software-as-a-Service reduced the marginal cost.

NIBA/DePaul Thank You!

This year’s Annual Summer Symposium co-hosted by NIBA and DePaul University was a huge success.  We would like to thank each and every one of you who attended and supported this event. We would also like to thank John Lothian who delivered an excellent key note speech to kick things off as well as the rest of our moderators and.

NIBA Fall Chicago Conference Announcement

NIBA is proud to announce that registration is now open for this year’s Fall Chicago Conference.  Be sure to reserve your spot early as space will be limited and check back to the website for updates and announcements on speakers and this year’s agenda. Annual NIBA Fall Chicago Conference

Housekeeping, Reminders and Updates – July 2017

Written by:      Mark E. Ruddy, Esq. Jessica I. Brown, CAMS Commodity Trading Advisors (“CTAs”) Third-Party Record Keeping Relief CTAs now have the ability to request relief from certain Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) Regulation 4.33 and 4.7(c)(2) record-keeping requirements. CFTC Exemptive Letter No 17-24 provided CTAs relief from the requirement that books and records must be kept at the registrant’s.

Vela Trading Techologies to Purchase OptionsCity

Combined company will deliver an expanded set of front office products and services, including market access, risk management & analytics New York, London, Chicago, June 20, 2017 – Vela Trading Technologies LLC (Vela), a global leader in high performance trading and market data technology, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire OptionsCity Software, a global provider of futures and.

John Lothian Keynote Speaker Preview

John Lothian’s keynote speech at the NIBA-DePaul Symposium is titled “Brexit and other Extraordinary Popular Delusions.”  The former Introducing Broker and longtime newsletter publisher will reflect on the potential impact of Brexit and other macro influences on the industry and markets.   If you have not already registered please do so at the following link and keep in mind there is.

Marketing Managed Accounts & Funds Panel Preview

We are pleased to have a panel this year that will focus on the regulatory considerations—the “traps”—that await CTAs who market funds or managed account programs.  We will center on the key CFTC and NFA rules, and the issues spawned by those rules, and take a peek into the future with respect to potential developments.  Topics will include the treatment.

Chairman’s Letter – July 2017

“Taking it to a Whole ‘Nother Level” –  Eugene Struthers (2004-2009) Keegan-Michael Key, American writer and actor uttered this famous phrase in character as “Eugene Struthers” on the late night comedy show MadTV each time he expressed his very passionate desire to know more about a person or subject. At the 4th Annual NIBA/DePaul University Joint Symposium, we’ll be taking.