If you are a member who currently appears in the NIBA Online Directory, you’ll just have to set a new Password. Just visit the Password Reset Page on the NIBA website and follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 1: Reset your password

Your account and information was imported, but you didn’t previously have an online account, so you need to set a password. Please visit the Password Reset Page so that you can set your password. This page can also be accessed from the login page, by clicking on ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link. You will need to enter your email address, and the system will send you a link to reset the password.

Password Reset Form

Password Reset Email

Reset Password Screen

Step 2: Logging in and selecting an account type

After setting/resetting your password, click the link to the Login Page. Enter you email address and the password you just created to long in to your account for the first time. You will see that you can choose from 4 Basic Account types – IIB, GIB, AP and CTA. All are free for the first year. Premium directory placement for an IIB, GIB or CTA costs $100 for the first year.

Account Selection

Step 3: Complete account information and checkout

After selecting the account type, you’ll be taken to the checkout page. You must opt in to the Directory by checking the box on that page. Enter all the information you want included in the Directory. You can edit these fields on your profile page at any time. You will also see a place to enter payment information. You will NOT be billed for 1 year for the 4 Basic Account types. An IIB, GIB or CTA who chooses the Premium Directory Placement will be charge $100 now. YOU MAY OPT OUT WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR RENEWAL NOTICE. IF YOU OPT IN AFTER THE FREE YEAR, BASIC MEMBERSHIP WILL BE CHARGED AT $150 PER YEAR/PREMIUM DIRECTORY PLACEMENT IS $250 PER YEAR.

Membership Form

Step 4: Enjoy your free year of NIBA Membership

NIBA membership includes free admission to NIBA events, as well as access to a variety of helpful content on our website. Resources, check out the latest NIBA Journal entry or update your Member Info anytime.

Your first year is free, and before your renewal date, you will receive an email reminding you about renewal time. You’ll have the option to opt out of a paid renewal.