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Futures IRAs Made Easy

By: Midland IRA

Midland IRAs Brad Janitz discusses self-directed IRA accounts and how a customer can utilize this vehicle to get involved in trading futures. Futures IRAs made easy. Midland caters to IBs, CTAs and brokerage professionals and this video will educate you on the mechanics of the structure, the compliance considerations associated as well as the logistics involved in navigating the process. Please direct any questions or comments to Brad Janitz at 312-753-6384 or by email at [email protected].

The Complete IB Handbook

The Complete IB Handbook

Written by Melinda H. Schramm, MHS Capital Resource, Inc.

Sponsored by CME Group

In the almost 34 years since the Introducing Broker (IB) came into existence, the futures industry has changed dramatically. Many changes came about simply because advances in technology now allow IBs to place trades in global markets, and service customers worldwide for a full 24 hours a day. The IB handbook is there to guide the introducing broker through various stages of the business life cycle from registration and business plan formation to resources and trade associations. The IB handbook is updated regularly to ensure new brokerage firms have up to date tools to navigate the industry.


How to Use Twitter for FCMs, IBs, and CTAs

How to Use Twitter for FCMs, IBs, and CTAs

By Gate 39 Media

A Reference Guide for FCMs, IBs, and CTAs in utilizing Twitter effectively.







The CFTC Proposes Broadening Exemptions from Registration for Non-U.S. Intermediaries

By Baker & McKenzie

August 2016







The CFTC Proposal to Regulate Automated Trading: Our Top 10 Takeaways

By Baker & McKenzie

December 2015







globexCME Globex Reference Guide

By CME Group

The CME Globex electronic trading platform provides trading opportunities on the world’s most diverse array of futures and options on futures products to customers around the world nearly 24 hours a day.