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Chairman’s Letter July 2020

Dear Members –

As we approach our 30th Anniversary Year, NIBA will look a bit different!

Every one of us – IB, CTA, FCM or Service Provider, is crazy busy right now. Working remotely has presented its own challenges and opportunities. NIBA’s mission has always been to make sure you get the information and education you need to meet challenges, recognize opportunities and keep your business growing.

NIBA Members have a right to be proud of the Association. At 30-years young, NIBA’s online broker listing is the place potential customers look to when they need a futures or options professional. Additionally, NIBA is among the first to be contacted when regulators want to talk about changes or updates to rules and policies.

Although we’re not able to get together at our annual joint DePaul Symposium or catch-up at Rivers with a cocktail after our fall conference, NIBA continues our regular communications with FCMs, regulators and service providers members, and, of course, we’re posting and distributing our twice monthly newsletter. We also have some surprises in store – – webinars, seminars and special reports from industry experts and from our supporting members. So, while we may look a bit different, we’re still working to keep our industry and your business strong.

Thank you for making the NIBA respected, relevant, educational and fun! I’m looking forward to seeing each of you – either on Zoom or in person, during our 30th Anniversary Year!


Melinda Schramm

Founder & Chairman, NIBA

[email protected]