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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in the Palm of your Hand

With an overwhelming majority of traders using online brokerages, QuantGate’s mission is to empower traders worldwide to trade more dynamically in any market at any time. Using proprietary algorithmic logic and advanced machine learning that has been developed over 20 years, we quantify the collective perception of the market by monitoring the collective behaviour of all traders who are actively participating in the market. With multiple types of platforms available, it is our mission to bring this technology to all types of traders across multiple asset classes. It’s not where the market has been nor where it is right now that matters (which is what price charts offer), but rather the direction in which it’s heading (what price charts do not offer).

When people refer to sentiment they generally refer to social media sentiment and the at-the-moment effects. These positive or negative social media trends can affect anything from a product’s update, a brand’s perception or a company’s stock price. Whether tweets, posts or message board postings, these outpourings of opinion, sentiment, perspective or emotion can have an immediate impact on whatever is being mentioned. Different industries quantify and measure this in different ways. Counting likes, retweets, followers, mentions and analyzing these measurements using AI and machine learning can give people a deep understanding of the way the masses are thinking, leaning and reacting. This is what can be called social sentiment. Now let us take this idea and apply it to the world of trading, and apply it to the order book of an exchange, what could we extrapolate?

If we use AI and machine learning, and capture the continuous changes that take place in the order book of an exchange, what would that show us?

What if we put a quantitative measure around the relative rate of cancelation of bids and offers of the order book? Then what if we did the same thing to the placing of bids and offers in the same order book, applying a weight to each order based on their perceived trading characteristics?

Let’s also measure the time that those orders remain active before they are cancelled. What if we place the different traders into groups, defined by the characteristics of their behavior within the order book? Where would the market go if all of the bids and offers in the orderbook were executed simultaneously?

A combination of all these measurements would give you the real time sentiment of any publicly traded financial instrument. Now put that into an easily understandable format, with ease of execution, welcome to QuantGates, real time sentiment trading platform.

QuantGate has developed two products using its trading platform.

  • Pilot ( is a mobile app that integrates into a traders existing brokerage account, offering live signals and trade execution across stocks, futures, fx, and crypto.
  • StealthPro ( is an advanced desktop solution for active traders offering a full AI based dashboard with superior capabilities to detect and trade the highest probability opportunities across stocks, futures, fx, and crypto simultaneously.