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Shore Capital Research Celebrates NIBA’s 30th Anniversary

As a research practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the capital markets, I’ve found NIBA has offered excellent opportunities for networking and to learn more about various issues facing the industry. This has been very valuable for my research / consulting business. As a researcher and academic I’m honored to be invited to organize and/ or present at various NIBA events. Over the years I’ve been a proud member of the NIBA Board of Directors and on the Advisory Board.

As a board member of the Arditti Center for Risk Management at DePaul University, in 2013 I asked Melinda to meet. That meeting launched a long-term relationship between the Arditti Center and NIBA with annual NIBA / DePaul symposiums since 2014 that are often sold out. NIBA has always been a great partner to work with. The various NIBA events have been very beneficial for my students to learn more about the derivatives industry and networking.

I could not imagine the derivatives industry without NIBA and I look forward to another amazing 30 years!!!

Congratulations to NIBA on their 30th anniversary!!

Mark Shore

Chief Research Officer, Shore Capital Research

Clinical Professor of Finance, DePaul University

[email protected]