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Quantitative Research and Trading

The content we provide is global, and covers all the financial data you need for your quantitative research to take an idea from idea generation, to back-testing and analysis, and then on to production. Beyond economic and financial data, however, we give you access to breaking news, environmental, social and governance performance, and corporate guidance.

Our own team of quantitative analysts creates extra value with weighted analyst consensus estimates, predictive analyst revision and earnings quality models, and long-term earnings projections that drive company valuations.

Market analysis
Data management solutions
Predictive modeling
Machine Readable News and MarketPsych Indices
Backtest systematic investment models
Historical tick data
Investment alpha


Austin Burkett, Global Head of Quant and Feeds at Thomson Reuters

At BlueMountain, we seek to build an enduring partnership that consistently meets the expectations of our investors. We are a diversified alternative asset manager and use an interdisciplinary approach to identify opportunities stemming from artificial investor segmentation, behavioral biases and idiosyncratic events. With a heritage in the credit markets, our multi-strategy platform now spans five integrated investment capabilities – credit, equity, structured finance, global markets and volatility, and private capital. We have over a decade of experience and $22 billion in firm assets under management across absolute return, private capital and customized single investor funds.

Evan Reich, Data Strategist at BlueMountain Capital Management

Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC (“Schonfeld”) is a multi-manager platform that invests its capital with Internal and Partner portfolio managers, primarily on an exclusive or semi-exclusive basis, across quantitative, fundamental equity and tactical trading strategies. We have created a unique structure to provide global portfolio managers with autonomy, flexibility and support to best enable them to maximize the value of their businesses while driving superior risk-adjusted returns. Over the last 30 years, Schonfeld and its predecessors have successfully capitalized on inefficiencies and opportunities within the equity markets. We have developed and invested heavily in premier technology, infrastructure and proprietary risk analytics. Our portfolio exposure has expanded across the Americas, Europe and Asia as well as multiple asset classes and products. We look for ways to align the interests of investors, investment professionals and the firm, highlighted by the opportunity for investment professionals to co-invest in our funds and their individual strategies.

Rich Brown, Managing Director, Market Data at Schonfeld Strategic Techworx

Founded in 1914, Merrill Lynch is one of the largest wealth management businesses in the world. Merrill Lynch financial advisors combine financial knowledge and experience with a deep understanding of their clients’ needs to help their clients achieve the lives they want. With a deep commitment to placing their clients’ interests first, Merrill Lynch financial advisors draw upon the investment insights of Merrill Lynch and the banking of Bank of America to unlock opportunities tailored to their clients’ needs in all areas of their financial lives.


Stephane DiTullio, Director at Bank of America Merill Lynch