The NIBA Advisory Group is made of industry experts who have agreed to share their special knowledge and approach to our business with the NIBA to help grow the Association membership and influence, and help it meet its educational goals.

NIBA Advisory Group (AG) members meet once each year in Chicago. Each serves a 2-year term.

Members whose term expire in November 2017 are:
Makenzie Billings, CME Group – [email protected]
Mike Dancey, Managed Account Research Inc. – [email protected]
Rob DeMuria, Compliance Supervisors, Inc.- [email protected]
Paul Georgy, Allendale, Inc. – [email protected]
Dr. Carl Luft, DePaul University – [email protected]
Tom McCarthy, Liccar CPA – [email protected]
John Nelson, Applied Research – [email protected]
Mike Phillips, VSEC, LLC –  [email protected]
John Roe, BTR Trading – [email protected]
Skip Sheen, 16Wells – [email protected]

The Advisory Group is chaired by NIBA Board Member Rodney Dow. Board Members also serving are: Melinda Schramm, Mike Burke and Tom Sandy.

For more information, contact NIBA