NIBA Presents AI 2023 + Your Business


October 4, 2023

Starts at

1:30pm CT


DePaul University Downtown Chicago Campus

DePaul University, 1 East Jackson, The Financial Lab Room 5700
(NOTE: This is a new room for an NIBA event)

NIBA’s AI + Your Business 2023 Meeting Immediately followed by Cocktail Networking Reception hosted by Michael Coglianese, CPA, Midland Trust and Greenberg Traurig Law

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NIBA invites you to join us on October 4 for a discussion focused on Artificial Intelligence and its influence on the financial industry. For some of us old-timers, “AI” conjures up sci-fi machines like Data from Star Trek or 2001: A Space Odyssey’s HAL or the automation computer in 1957’s romance/comedy “The Desk Set.”

But the explosion of data now available to the futures and options world has led to uses of AI ranging from improved customer service to fraud detection to trading software. It is crucial to understand the role AI already plays in your daily life, and to position yourself to leverage AI to grow your business, enhance your revenue and stay in compliance.

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NIBA Presents AI 2023 + Your Business Agenda

Onsite Registration Opens1:30pm
Opening Remarks & NIBA Welcome
Dr. Sulin Ba, Dean of Business School, DePaul University
Melinda Schramm, NIBA Founder & Chairman
NIBA Updates to Membership
Compliance Officers Group Report
Toolbox Council Report
Training, Intern, Partnership Report
AI - What's all the Fuss?
Presented by: Dr. Bamshad Mobasher, Professor of Computer Science, DePaul University
Refreshment Break2:55pm
AI + Compliance
Christena Driscoll, Compliance Manager, NFA
Matt Kluchenek, Partner, Mayer Brown
Jeff Henderson, Greenberg Traurig Law
Seated Break3:50pm
AI + Marketing
Presented by:
Skip Shean, CEO, 16Wells
AI + Technology/Cybersecurity
John Falck, Founding Partner, vSEC, LLC
Renato Marriotti, Partner, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP
Closing Remarks
Mike Burke, President, NIBA
Networking Cocktail Reception
Hosted by:
Michael Coglianese, CPA
Midland Trust
Greenberg Traurig Law