NIBA & DePaul Internship Program

NIBA and DePaul have joined efforts to introduce highly qualified graduates to members looking to bring state of the art edge to their own business. DePaul is dedicated to provide qualified interns to initial discovery, and NIBA is dedicated to bring qualified prospective employer to discovery.

WIIFM- What’s in it for me?

We don’t ask ourselves this when considering whether or not to bend down to pick up a $100 bill, but we do- we must-  when the REWARD:RISK, or VALUE:EFFORT ratio is less plain.

Regarding value or risk of a DePaul University internship, what you won’t get is a disinterested nephew of a company vice-president  who wants to copy, shred, and get coffee.

Instead, consider DePaul’s Arditti Center mission:

“The Arditti Center will be a leader in the design and implementation of a state-of the-art curriculum in Risk Management”

Consistent with Fred Arditti’s philosophy, the program will aim to produce graduates who are highly competent, educated and trained to “do things”. 


These are a few benefits which apply to IBS, CTAs, FCMs, Exchanges and Service Providers-  all NIBA members.

  • Renovate your business with an intern trained with modern approach to operating- to do things.
  • Gain valuable insights from a fresh perspective
  • Create positive press for your company via student testimonials, and industry news, like the NIBA newsletter.
  • Get a “preview” of a prospective employee. Capitalizing on attractive reward:risk, NIBA members have chosen to convert interns to full timers, avoiding cost and risk of alternative “onboarding”. Would you like to talk with one of these members?

DePaul and NIBA are committed to the success of our joint Internship endeavor by adding to the list of grass roots victories, for members and interns.

Upside: Downside? If you’ve read this far, you owe it to your company to consider the benefits to YOU in using the  NIBA-DePaul Internship Program for your next intern.

For a copy of DePaul’s Best Practices: An Employer Guide to Internships, contact Jerry Nolan ([email protected]) or Tom Sandy([email protected]).