You are currently viewing NIBA/DePaul 7th Annual Symposium – Session Summaries

NIBA/DePaul 7th Annual Symposium – Session Summaries

NIBA is excited to be back in person and continue the annual Joint NIBA/DePaul Symposiums.  Here we take a deeper dive into what will be discussed throughout the program.  If you have yet to register please do so as space is filling up quickly.  Register Here.

[Session 1] Blockchain: A Financial Industry Evolution
Blockchain is revolutionizing the way companies do business globally. From enhanced security to expedited payment and robust contract administration, Blockchain has already changed outdated and archaic processes in the financial industry. But how is it all being achieved and how does it impact your daily business?

Yuri Zamostin, CEO of Coinifide will start off this session by explaining exactly what Blockchain is…and why you need to know more. He’ll share examples of its applications in use in our industry currently, and preview what the future holds. Join in the session discussion as Mark Shore, from DePaul University interviews Yuri to learn more about how Blockchain can enhance your customer service and help your firm grow.

[Session 2] Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) & Communications from Personal Devices
A panel of industry experts and current and former NFA representatives discussing many of the common risks associated with third-party risk management systems and mobile devices used to access the business environment or company data. Topics include:

  • What can NFA Member firms (CPO, CTA, IB, FCM) expect during an NFA audit regarding third-party service providers ?
  • How do NFA Member firms adequately perform risk assessments, due diligence and monitoring of third-party risk management systems?
  • What are some of the common threats associated with using personal communication devices for work related communications and data storage?

[Session 3] Changes & Challenges in Agriculture and Biofuels 

Donna Funk, a Principal at Pinion Global and Mark Haraburda, CEO of Barchart, will focus on what all derivatives professionals need to know about the rapidly evolving global landscape merging farming, fuel and technology. Some of the topics they will cover are:

  • Does the Inflation Reduction Act have much real world impact for producers and consumers?
  • How have current changes in agriculture impacted biofuels?
  • Have world crop production and prices changed as a result of the global increase in biofuel production?
  • Have recent advances in ag-tech really had much of an impact on the supply chain?
  • What new challenges will producers need to tackle with the rise of EVs and battery technology?
  • Discussion: How will the industry change in the next decade and how might that impact the consumer?

**Program immediately followed by cocktail networking reception on DePaul rooftop terrace**

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