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Thanks NIBA Advisory Group!

Huge thanks to the NIBA Advisory Group (AG) for a great meeting! Group Chairman/NIBA board member Rodney Dow, R.W. Dow Corp., led the meeting on December 4 in Chicago. Each member came prepared to discuss the appropriateness/effectiveness of NIBA’s in-person events, its newsletter and the overall focus of its representation of its members. At the end of the afternoon, the AG concluded by identifying several areas in which NIBA could do better!

NIBA’s Board of Directors will be working on the AG’s suggestions throughout 2020 – contact Rodney, [email protected] or Melinda, [email protected] if you want to add any suggestions or help implement NIBA’s move into and through 2020!

Thank you to all who attended the reception following the meeting and to all who serve –

Rodney Dow (Chairman), R.W. Dow Corp
Makenzie Billings, CME Group
Mike Dancey, MARI
Rob DeMuria, Compliance Supervisors, Inc.
Paul Georgy, Allendale, Inc.
Tom McCarthy, Liccar, Inc.
John Nelson, Applied Research
Braden Perry, Kennyhertz Perry
Mike Phillips, VSEC, LLC
John Roe, BTR Trading
Mark Ruddy, Ruddy Gregory Law
Skip Shean, 16Wells
Taylor Travis, QuickSilver
(Dr. Carl Luft and Dr. Vahap Uysal – unable to attend)