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Nanhua-USA joins NIBA

Nanhua-USA is joining the NIBA because they see opportunity in Asia and the US for IBs and CTAs. Nanhua-USA is the first non-bank Chinese FCM to clear at the CME Group and ICE, as well as having full clearing memberships around the globe by its affiliated companies. With China opening its markets, Nanhua USA wants to play an important role in servicing clients on both sides of the Pacific.

Nanhua-USA is a full clearing FCM that is starting a CTA incubator program for Asian traders and is open to IB relationships with those interested in the Asian and US market. The parent company, Hangzhou, China-based Nanhua Futures, has over 1.8 Billion USD in capital, with more than 30 offices worldwide, including Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Chicago.

Lian Hao, Nanhua USA CEO, is a 20-year veteran in the derivatives industry, spending 11 years at the CME Group where he was the chief representative to China. He also founded the Chicago Institute of Investment, which trains Chinese derivatives traders, exchange executives and regulators.

For more information, contact Lian Hao for further discussion [email protected]. Their website is