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Midland Trust Company Celebrates NIBA’s 30th Anniversary

As a service provider to the futures industry, I and Midland Trust would not have thrived the way we have over the many years without the NIBA. Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary. We at Midland Trust provide IRA and 401(k) accounts that allow investment into futures industry products and strategies. Our partnership with the IB community has been key to our success and the NIBA was our access point to join that community. The conferences and content provided by the NIBA helped educate us on the issues facing the derivatives community, and we were able to evolve our service to meet the needs of the Introducing Brokers and their customers. Many of the NIBA community have become like family to me and I look forward to many more years to celebrate

Brad Janitz
Director | Midland Trust Company
Phone: 312. 753.6384
Email: [email protected]