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High Ridge Futures Congratulates NIBA’s 30th Anniversary

Business at High Ridge Futures is continuing at a steady pace. Our focus as a firm is to promote CTAs with profitable performance records and who manage risk with a disciplined approach. We are also in process of creating a new Commodity Pool which will be traded by a CTA we recommend. Covid has changed our audit process as I have been unable to travel. This forced us (and everyone else) to conduct our exams virtually. While I missed seeing everyone in our 17 branches, some good results came from the forced Zoom audits. I believe I have been more efficient as I gathered the needed documents/account opening paperwork, etc. in the weeks before our meetings, which made our face-to-face time more about discussing important industry topics and pinpointing any issues with focus, as we were not busy with paperwork.

Also, because of the pandemic, my husband and I made the decision to move to Florida a few years earlier than expected. My office is now in Vero Beach, and no longer in Chicago. Because of this, I am unable to attend the NIBA conferences which is disappointing because I always took away good information from those events. Gathering with other IBs, who have the same concerns and questions as we have is very useful. The speakers are always well informed, and right on top of the new regulations and how they affect us. I am hoping that in the future, NIBA will consider live streaming as a regular practice for all of us who are far away.

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