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Futures That Don’t Look Like Futures

The Small Exchange launched new futures products that pair the efficiency of futures with the simplicity of stocks, on June 1, 2020. Built on the pillars small, standard, and simple, the Smalls cover everything from stocks and bonds to commodities and foreign exchange in a way that is accessible to the everyday trader.

After surveying the current landscape for active investing, CEO Donnie Roberts decided that traditional futures had not evolved to meet the needs of the self-directed trader. Small Exchange futures were designed with ease of use in mind, and they cut out the large notional sizes and inconsistent specifications from traditional futures while providing cost-efficient capital requirements.

All products from the Small Exchange have the same minimum tick (0.01 that equates to $1) and expiration (third Friday of the month) to go along with a size that is more manageable than most existing futures contracts. Traders and investors of varying backgrounds will have the ability to invest in the long term, speculate in the short term, and manage risk across several asset classes.

Small Stocks 75 (SM75)

  • Small Stocks 75 finds the most dynamic stocks from the five major sectors and adjusts with shifts in the equity environment, so you stay trading an active stock market.

Small Precious Metals (SPRE)

  • Small Precious Metals combines gold, silver, and platinum relative to their consumption, production, and volume, so you trade the developments that matter most in a changing metals market.

Small Dollar (SFX)

  • Small Dollar connects you directly to USD while diversifying against the world’s seven largest economies, so you no longer need conversions when trading foreign exchange.

Save Every Time You Trade the Smalls

  • The Small Exchange has also created a limited number of subscriptions for a one-time payment of $100 that give traders a lifetime of reduced exchange and market data fees when trading the Smalls.

For more information on the Small Exchange’s products and subscription service, visit

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