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Alex Kazmarck

Kazmarck Capital LLC
85 Broad St.
NEW YORK, NY 10006
Office Number 3472515441

[email protected]

Mike Burke

HighGround Trading LLC
209 W. Jackson Blvd
Chicago, IL 60606
Office Number 312-604-3043

[email protected]

Scott Stewart

Black Hawk Resources Limited
1455 W 29th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44120
Office Number 216-452-9165

[email protected]

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John Moore
Managing Member
eFloortrade LLC
201 East Pine Street, Suite 702
Orlando, FL 32801
Office Number 407.378.4775
Direct LIne 407-378-4775
Cell Phone 321-689-1780
[email protected]
Mike Nemer
EOX Holdings LLC
5151 San Felipi
Houston, TX 10005
Office Number (713) 358-5439
[email protected]
Sneha Bagri
Vice President of Compliance
EOX Holdings LLC
5151 San Felipe, Suite 2200
Houston, TEXAS 77056
Direct LIne 713-358-5446
[email protected]