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ADMIS Celebrates NIBA’s 30th Anniversary

30 years ago, I received a cold call from Melinda Schramm that changed the course of my life. She asked if she could take me to lunch and introduce the brand-new National Introducing Broker Association to ADM Investor Services. At Ceres Café, Melinda described the vision for the NIBA and all it would accomplish as a strong and unified group representing the independent voices of the Introducing Broker community. By the end of lunch my only question was “how can we help?”

ADM Investor Services joined the NIBA its first year, and I was proud to serve on the NIBA Board of Directors and help shape the early and important impact it had on the futures industry. At the 3rd NIBA conference I happened to sit next to a representative from another FCM who, as fate would have it, eventually became my husband. When our first child was born, Melinda welcomed her home with a “Proud member of the NIBA” onesie.

Throughout all the year since then, ADM Investor Services has continued to support the NIBA and specialize – and believe strongly – in Introducing Brokers and the great value they bring to the futures industry. As the full-service clearing firm for more than 180 IBs, we witness the value and importance of their work on a daily basis. Although much has changed in the futures industry over the years, the knowledge, integrity and hard work of Introducing Brokers has stayed the same.

Congratulations to the NIBA on its 30th anniversary and thank you for supporting Introducing Brokers and the important work they do. We wish you all the best in the future.
And thank you for the onesie.

Catie Lee
Director of Marketing
ADM Investor Services, Inc.
[email protected]