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As part of our partnership with NIBA,, Inc. is happy to extend discounts of 20% to NIBA members on various Barchart and Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) products and services. Barchart and CRB also offer affiliate programs where you can directly offer our services to your clients and prospects for lead generation as well as revenue sharing.
Exchange Analytics is the leading supplier of compliance training programs to the Futures and Securities Industries. Our futures ethics training courses fully satisfies the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Statement of Acceptable Practices criteria as well as National Futures Association ethics training rules. Our Anti-Money Laundering training (AML) courses provide an extremely efficient and cost-effect solution for an ongoing training program required by the USA PATRIOT Act. The majority of the largest financial services firms and exchanges in the world – institutions that collectively employ more than one million people – depend on the quality, convenience and regulatory certainty that Exchange Analytics’ web-based futures ethics training and AML training programs provide.
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AML Compliance Course – only $20 for NIBA members and their IBs. Regular price is $25.

Fulfill your AML Compliance Requirement with just one click. No test, no timers, no password, no downloads.

Accepted by most major FCMs including: Dorman Trading, FC Stone, Penson, Rosenthal Collins Group, Crossland, and Vision Financial Markets. This course is offered by the Walsh Agency. John Walsh is a 35-year veteran of the futures and options industry, and author of How to Sell Futures (new edition included free with course). Contact us directly at [email protected] or (866) 559-8085.
(866) 559-8085