Stand Apart From Your Competitors | Build Power With a Strong Brand

by Lida Citroën

Principal | LIDA360, LLC

Become intentional as you build your personal brand

Branding gives experience to something intangible; it gives names to the qualities I feel when I work or interact with you. Unlike marketing, which is when we direct an audience to action, branding sets the emotional expectations and promises between you and your target audience.

Here are some ways you can become more intentional and focused as you build your brand:

  • You can start by becoming intentional about the words you chose, the company you keep and the way you represent yourself. Your audience is looking for consistency and relevancy.
  • Consider how you want to be perceived, the reputation you want in the world, then intentionally create a path in that direction.
  • Think about how you are behaving – are you acting like someone you want to be? Are you behaving in an arrogant, pushy and mean way, but you want to be seen as collaborative, inclusive and confident?
  • Pay attention to how your image, language, tone and posture are supporting (or working in conflict) with how you want to be seen. Strive for consistency and intention with your personal style and image.
  • Consider the feedback you receive. Are you hearing more confirmation that your clients and colleagues perceive you now as the person you want to be seen as? Are you moving your reputation in the direction you desire?
  • Focus on being intentional in person and online. Your clients, colleagues and prospects are looking for consistency. Be the same person no matter where they meet you.

Your brand differentiates you from your competition, attracts opportunities to you and enables you to receive recognition for your accomplishments. Business and personal branding can uncover your desired goals and bring you benefits over your entire life – personal and professional.

Lida CitroenAn accomplished speaker, author and advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs, executives and businesses, Lida Citroën captivates audiences with her empowering message about intentionally managing your brand and reputation to attract opportunities. For more than 20 years, Lida has brought her unique, engaging and actionable techniques to clients, earning her acclaim internationally as an expert in reputation management and personal branding. Lida is the author of “Reputation 360: Creating power through personal branding” (Palisades Publishing, 2011). Learn more at and

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