Chairman’s Message | September 2011

Dear NIBA Members –

Over 190 members attended the NIBA membership meeting last week in
Chicago. Thanks to all our sponsors and speakers for making this another successful
NIBA event. To continue the conversation with any of the speakers, just go to our
conference page and click on an email address.

I am always impressed with the people at our meetings. Of course the speakers
are great. They are prepared, topical and deliver terrific ideas to help you increase
business the minute you leave the meeting.

But it is the members themselves that really impress me. In 20 years at the
NIBA, I have met a diverse group of men and women who have changed and adapted
as the industry and their clients’ needs changed. I admire our members who have had
to learn to embrace technology, who must continually update their industry knowledge
and who eagerly learn new marketing strategies — all while staying in compliance with
the rules. I was very happy to see “old” members, many going back to the first meeting
in 1991. This September’s meeting also welcomed 14 new IB/CTA members.

Complimentary attendance at the twice-annual meetings is just one benefit of
NIBA membership. Join or renew now and mark your calendar for our next event – April
18, 2012 in New York City.

Warm regards,
Melinda Schramm


Celebrating NIBA 20th Anniversary with Birthday Cake courtesy of Futures Magazine
(Pictured: Melinda Schramm, Founder and Chairman of the NIBA with Dan Collins of Futures Magazine)

20th Anniversary Cake Melinda Schramm and Dan Collins