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Lida Citroenby Lida Citroën

Principal | LIDA360, LLC

Building your personal brand

Successful executives across the globe are also embracing the power of “personal branding” to intentionally build a reputation for themselves and their companies that maintains this competitive advantage – in person and in the online world.

Reputation counts when growing personal brands (and professional reputations). How your clients – and prospects – staff, peers and stakeholders perceive you has a direct impact on the loyalty, engagement and revenues you will generate.

We hire professionals who have the necessary qualifications, and who make us feel a certain way. We know them to be capable. What causes us to “buy” – to hire them – is how we expect we will feel working with them. It has been said, “We act on logic… and we buy on emotion.”

Professionals with strong personal brands show up consistently and authentically. They have achieved genuineness through confidence and experience and through focus and care. They focus on the highest value they have to offer and target a specific audience with the lowest threshold.

Strive to make yourself relevant and compelling to a specific target audience. Not everyone will get your jokes, find you compelling or feel good about you or your company. Target those clients, customers and stakeholders who will find you relevant and cuts down on your marketing efforts.

Focus on building credibility:

Saying you’re a good kisser doesn’t make it true

Every day we are bombarded with marketing messages from companies and professionals attempting to sell trust: “You can trust me!” “I have your back” and “You’re in safe hands with us.”

In developing your strong and compelling brand, focus on promoting that which is relevant and compelling to your target audience. While it is true that most audiences need to trust the company/service/product/executive who is selling to them, you simply cannot sell trust.

Telling someone to trust you is like saying you’re a good kisser – it really is up to others to assign you that value, not you. Trust is something you develop and earn over time, through respect, rapport and building credibility.

To build trust and credibility, you must consistently articulate your values: What do you hold dear? What do you believe? Values are not trite marketing slogans – instead they are beliefs held at your core. Your values drive you and the organization and are reflected in how you do business. They show up in the decisions you are most proud of, and the ones that led you to take the biggest risk. Your values are tied intricately to your identity. If separated from your values, you would not be you!

In the next NIBA Newsletter, we’ll discuss how to become more intentional and focused in building your personal brand.

An accomplished speaker, author and advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs, executives and businesses, Lida Citroën captivates audiences with her empowering message about intentionally managing your brand and reputation to attract opportunities. For more than 20 years, Lida has brought her unique, engaging and actionable techniques to clients, earning her acclaim internationally as an expert in reputation management and personal branding. Lida is the author of “Reputation 360: Creating power through personal branding” (Palisades Publishing, 2011). Learn more at and

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