Family Farmer & Rancher Fund Applications Due

Following the insolvency of PFGBest, CME Group has been accepting applications from farmers, ranchers and agricultural co-operatives to register for benefits under the CME Group Family Farmer & Rancher Protection Fund.

In order for CME to begin paying benefits to qualifying customers under this Fund, Applications must be received by the close of business at 5:00pm Central Time, Friday, October 5, 2012. Following the October 5 deadline, CME Group expects to pay benefits to qualifying customers in the fourth quarter of this year. The following requirements apply to be considered for benefits:

  • The applicant must be a farmer, rancher or agricultural coop and must complete the application for the registration available on CME Group’s website.
  • The applicant must submit photocopies of appropriate tax documentation along with the application, as described in the application’s instructions.
  • The applicant must have held one or more positions in CME Group agricultural products covered by the program during the six months between January 9 and July 6, 2012, and must submit a copy of a PFGBest statement showing the qualifying position(s).

Members or customers may submit any questions to CME Group at [email protected]. The application and other information about the program can be found at


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